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Open Access and Information Justice
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Intellectual Property Strategy and the Long Tail: Evidence from the Recorded Music Industry

30 Octubre, 2014 - 12:49
Author: Laurina Zhang Abstract: Digitization has impacted firm profitability in many media industries by lowering the cost of copying and sharing creative works. I examine the impact of digital rights management (DRM) – a prevalent strategy used by firms in media industries to address piracy concerns – on music sales. I exploit a natural experiment, [...]
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TPP –Section-by-Section Analysis of Some Provisions People Aren’t Talking About

29 Octubre, 2014 - 16:34
Author: Kimberlee Weatherall.  Abstract: This paper analyses certain key provisions of the leaked 16 May 2014 text of the TPP IP Chapter – mostly, the ones people haven’t been talking about: particularly the trade mark, designs, and geographical indications provisions, as well as rules regarding national treatment, the preamble or objectives clauses, and the criminal [...]
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Trade Secrecy and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Secret Lawmaking Meets Criminalization

27 Octubre, 2014 - 16:41
Trade secrecy, arguably the most active but least understood and studied of intellectual property’s doctrines, is on the rise. Over the past two years, there has been increased legislative activity in this space — the most since the revision of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act in 1985. Most prominently, it has been the subject of [...]
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Mapping Digital Media: Brazil

27 Octubre, 2014 - 16:09
Due to the growing need to better understand the technological and cultural transformations that digitization has caused in the production and consumption of content and news, and recognizing the importance of guaranteeing access to abundant and reliable information, researchers from the Center for Technology and Society (CTS/ FGV Rio Law School) worked alongside the Open Society Foundations in a project, involving more than 50 countries, which analyzed the impacts of this process of digitization in Brazil and around the world.
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A Note on TERA’s “The Economic Contribution of the Creative Industries to EU GDP and Employment”

23 Octubre, 2014 - 16:20
TERA Associates has released a follow up to their 2010 study on the impact of “piracy” on creative industries in the European Union.  The new study, entitled “The Economic Contribution of the Creative Industries to EU GDP and Employment,” makes three arguments: 1)     That the creative industries include 8.3 million “core” creative jobs and 5.7 [...]
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Transformative Teaching after GSU

23 Octubre, 2014 - 14:06
[Cross posted from, Link, (CC-BY)] When can teachers share copyrighted works (or excerpts therefrom) with students without payment or permission? While other parts of the law come into play in narrow contexts, this is primarily a question about the scope of the doctrine of fair use. Educators have struggled with the dimensions of fair [...]
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More on TPP Transition Period Thresholds: Per Capita Income for the Bottom 80% of People in Living in TPP Countries

23 Octubre, 2014 - 12:13
The newly leaked May 16 draft of the Trans Pacific Partnership intellectual property chapter confirms previous reports that negotiators are discussing plans to postpone some of the TRIPS-Plus obligations on intellectual property and pharmaceuticals for some of the countries involved. It includes as an addendum a “Proposal on Patent Pharmaceuticals Transition Periods” that would establish [...]
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New Open Access Button Apps Find Free Access to Scientific and Scholarly Research

22 Octubre, 2014 - 11:03
Open Access Button press release, Link, CC-BY Joseph McArthur, +447732634892 | London, England. The Open Access Button today launched a suite of new apps to help researchers, patients, students and the public get access to scientific and scholarly research. People use research everyday to create scientific and medical advances, understand culture, and fuel the [...]
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In Georgia State University E-Reserves Case, Eleventh Circuit Endorses Flexible Approach to Fair Use

21 Octubre, 2014 - 11:13
Reposted from Association of Research Libraries’ Policy Notes blog, Link, CC-BY On Friday, October 17, 2014, the Eleventh Circuit released its long-awaited decision in the Georgia State University (GSU) e-reserves case.Some key takeaways from the majority opinion include: Affirms that fair use is applied on a case-by-case basis; Rejects bright-line rules, such as using a [...]
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Bolivia Discusses Collective Management Issues

20 Octubre, 2014 - 13:24
[Cross posted from Fundación Karisma, Link, (CC-BY)] In Bolivia, La Paz’s City Council is discussing the “Municipal Autonomy Bill No. 100,” which seeks to create mechanisms to ensure the protection of the public performance right of musical works via strengthening collecting society system. The draft law has generated considerable public discontent in Bolivian society because [...]
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International Open Access Week Shines Spotlight on Increasing the Impact of Scientific Research

20 Octubre, 2014 - 12:15
Generation Open” Theme Highlights Students and Early Career Researchers SPARC Press Release Contact: Ranit Schmelzer Phone:  202.538.1065 Email: Washington, DC – Hundreds of events will take place across the globe to highlight the power that Open Access has to increase the impact of scientific and scholarly research during the seventh annual Open Access Week [...]
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National Summit Demands Immediate Patent Law Reform to Bring Down Prices of Medicines

20 Octubre, 2014 - 10:34
[Treatment Action Campaign, Link, (CC-BY)] October 20th, 2014—PRETORIA: Patients, doctors and members of civil society meet today with government experts to plot a course for quickly reforming South Africa’s patent laws, so that people can access the life-saving medicines they need at affordable prices. The National Summit on Intellectual Property (IP) and Access to Medicines [...]
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No Logo: Brand Bullies, Trade Mark Law, and The Trans-Pacific Partnership

17 Octubre, 2014 - 14:49
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a sweeping trade agreement, spanning the Pacific Rim, and covering an array of topics, including intellectual property. There has been much analysis of the recently leaked intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by WikiLeaks. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-Chief, observed “The selective secrecy surrounding the TPP negotiations, which has let in [...]
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Wikileaks Reveals How Obama Parrots Big Pharma’s Monopoly Demands in Transpacific Trade Negotiations

17 Octubre, 2014 - 14:36
Access to New AIDS, TB, and Hepatitis C Medicines Threatened For Immediate Release Health GAP (Global Access Project) Contact: Paul Davis: +1 202 817 0129 Wikileaks has released a 77-page document revealing the negotiation positions of the twelve Pacific rim countries locked in negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. The leaks reveal nothing [...]
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Trans Pacific Partnership Leak Would Ban Internet TV

17 Octubre, 2014 - 12:13
Today’s leak of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement intellectual property chapter includes a controversial provision aimed at preventing every country in the world from permitting internet television services like Aereo. Provision QQ.G.ZZ, p. 38 states: [US/SG/PE propose: CL/VN/MY/NZ/MX/CA/BN/JP oppose: No Party may permit the retransmission of television signals (whether terrestrial, cable, or satellite) on the [...]
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